• Epoxy-Top Tables

    We make elite and affordable custom and office tables from steel and epoxy, which as a result gives unique products that combine modern style, sophistication and new trends in design. This furniture is the most perfect product, where you can easily place the depths of the ocean with a shells, or just an ordinary stump with numerous cracks to make it as piece of wild nature in your city flat.

    prices from € 300

  • Timber-Epoxy Countertops

    Exclusive epoxy resin table items made of natural wood and metal are of high quality and reliability - we use technology that not only prolongs the life of objects, making them more resistant , but also each item of this original furniture of epoxy and wood is 100% unique and rest assured that no one else can have exactly the same. After hardening, the furniture becomes absolutely harmless, regardless of the application.

    prices from € 200

  • Stainless Table Frames

    In production of tables we use transparent resin, environmentally friendly wood from balkans forest, steel, etc. As a perfect addition to each individual countertop from our site, we offer a individual choice of raw or stainless steel legs and table frames - ready-made metal furniture supports easy to install to table, with any screwdriver for create new individualy designed table in your space.

    prices from €50


    Furniture combined of steel and timber;
    Tables from timber and epoxy resin;
    Wooden countertops and slabs from hardwood;
    Furniture from epoxy resin on steel base;
    Custom stainless steel bases;
    Manufacturing original furniture by request;
    We invite interior designers and design studios, private individuals, we offer a discounts and cooperation.

    discounts from €1000

Welcome to Table-Store.com, a new perspective to office design ideas

We love tables - we produce and custom office tables combined with polished steel and natural timber - modern art of creation tables

Office Tables

for office of any level - this office tables from slabs can satisfy even a King - but fit for meeting room and working space.

Epoxy Slab tables

Traditional "River Tables" as a perfect combination of natural wood slabs with colored epoxy resin River Tables - from birch, oak, ash, elm, marple and more ..

Custom Tables

Some examples of epoxy and designer's inspiration combined with a nice and original piece of wood. You will enjoy it

Art samples

- selection of specials items each of them are 100% individual and unrepeatable - fit if you look a piece of nature in a city or new ideas for your home - beautyful craftman's work.

Coffee Tables

See more low tables for home on page coffee tables - popular size up to 1 meter width and up to 50 cm height combined from wood slabs and epoxy resin.

Table-store.com offers you a range of custom made modern office tables. You can order original tables of wood slabs in modern, classical style, industrial and other styles online or in our store in Sofia, including unique design tables made by european furniture makers. We're the professionals in office custom made tables - we sell effectively looking office tables and desks, created from stainless steel, wood and epoxy in one style and present our customers as a perfect business style companys and individuals. Your customers will be impressed by your table, we garantee this. Optic clear epoxy tables - look great in the interiors, aged in the style of Modern,Industrial and Techno. It's the excellent solution for meeting rooms, that's will present you and company to potential customers - they looks for 200 % of price and more. Slab tables that you can see at our site are furniture made of natural wood from the Balkans. Natural epoxy-coated furniture impresses with the quality of woodwork, the beauty of natural wood and careful attention to each decorative or functional detail in a countertops or custom bases from stainless steel . In gallery of examples from all over the world you can see best custom tables - table tops of a red tree - an object, which you can admire for hours. Lines of wood structure fascinate with unusual look - marple pattern or birch tracery is beautiful, but the mahogany timber or redwood roots is not only beautiful. He is exotic. He attracts attention not only, but also warm noble color, as if shining from the inside.Modern epoxy furniture made from solid timber is a timeless classic. This is something that does not have a price. These are traditions, nobility, beauty, reliability and stability, that's become visible for your potential customers, exactly when you need this in a moment of deal. These are eternal values that's you can order with us.

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