What is www.table-store.com ?


We are EU company, we manufacture wood slabs and epoxy countertops, custom table bases and tables. We started as a small studio www.pinlegs.com to produce metal table legs and hairpins. We opened a shop on ebay-kleinanzeigen which reflected the joy we got from designing and crafting. Since then, our workshop studio which is located in Bulgaria, Varna 9000 and our team do custom woodworking and craft works. We produce steel table bases and high quality table countertops and ship them all over the Europe. We get extremely positive reviews from our customers, which in turn cause us to seek perfection in every sense - please contact us if you have any questions or if you want order custom table.

How long does it take to make to order a epoxy table ?


There are quite a few factors that are going to affect the time - these factors include table size, and how rare timber and sofisticated works techinque we use for this table - normally it take 2-4 weeks.

How can i pay if i want to buy your table or slab ?


Depends on amount - pre-order downpayments and payments up to 1000 euro may be done via paypal or transfer, over 1000.00 euro we reccomend to send ONLY via wire transfer to our banking account or Western Union.

Do you shipping worldwide?


Yes, we do ship countertops worldwide, but price for shipping may depends on weight and place.

Do you provide documents of sale for business owners ?


Yes - we provide full set of papers for bulk sales - based on contract between our companies

Who can become your table legs local dealer ?


As a business owner, you can use our products for resale or installations. We offer our products for business owners, designers and resale

Do you sell DIY kits for handcraft separately - countertops without bases ?


Yes, we sell separated countertop kits and complete tables sets with frames - up to customer's needs.

What currency you accept ?


We operate with Euros (EUR)

When will I receive my order and whos will it be delivered by?


In EuroUnion we do delivery by PALLET ONE, SPEEDY AND DPD, or local Cargo firms - normally, it takes up to a week.

How we can make the contract ?


We can make contract by fax, email or at the online auction like Etsy, Ebay or Dawanda.

Do you accept Escrow?


Yes - we accept escrow - but buyer paid all escrow and shipping costs in any case of return or refuse.

Should I pay the deposit for my orders?


Normally we ask for non-refundable downpayment 20-25% to our bank account in PostBank BG or via Paypal or cash,after contract agreed. For case when we use slabs pre-approved by buyer, this amount will be more - depends on initial slabs price.

Do you offer discounts ?


Yes, we do discount for business sales - for amount over EUR 1000, and for our contract partners, designers and resellers.

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