Luxury mahogany office table

From €6999.00

Stunning custom office table. Finished to absolute perfection utilizing one of the highest quality luxury furniture grade finishing products on the market - an Italian polyester that is totally water and alcohol impervious. The finish is extremely hard and resilient to bumps, bruises and scratches meaning that you can actually use this functional work of art without worry of easily damaging it. The piece is hand-sanded and hand polished into a deep, three-dimensional shine that is mirror-like and smooth-as-silk to the touch. Describing the table's finish as "exceptional" is an understatement. This piece is spectacular as a dining table or also perfect as a striking entry hall table. Dimensions as shown are 320 cm x 90cm wide. Available in a 240 and 400 cm version (base scaled larger to remain proportional to larger top; inquire as to pricing for the other version). Can be customized with your choice of exotic timber if you preference runs to something other; contact us for details and pricing