White epoxy with cedar

€650.00 €550.00

Inspired by our love of modern furniture and mosaic art we combined the two in this coffee table. Each piece of cedar or another nice wood tile was meticulously shaped and placed by hand in a color palette chosen by our client. Epoxy grout was used as it is nonporous and chemically resistant making it super easy to clean up with just water and requires no sealing and virtually no maintenance. This modern wood-epoxy color composition was chosen to be contrasting slab. Its simple form giving a juxtaposition with the mosaic art. Each table is a unique one-of-a-kind piece of art. No two will be alike. The custom made mosaic art and matching wood veneer can be ordered in 100's of different color and real wood veneer combinations to suite your taste. Budget friendly options exclude the mosaic art replacing it with simple 1" glass tile. Please contact us for details. Table can be altered to become a coffee table, console table, or dining table. All sizes can be changed to fit any preference.
Custom shape
Custom color
Custom base